GP New Offer 40 Minute Gp To Gp Pack Only Tk 14

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GP New Offer 40 Minute Gp To Gp Pack Only Tk 14

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GP New Offer 40 Minute Gp To Gp Pack Only Tk 14


Terms & Conditions:

#. To avail this Talk Time offer, eligible customers (djuice, Smile, Bondhu, Amontron, Nishchinto, Ekota-1, Ekota-2, Ekota-3, Ekota-4, Business Solutions Prepaid 1,2,3,5, Shofol, GPPP and VP subscribers) will need to dial *121*4*4#

#. Customer will get 40 GP- GP Minutes.

#. The validity of the Free Minutes will be 16 hours from the time of purchase.

#. At the end of the validity period, if a customer has any remaining minutes, it will be forfeited. However, if a customer re-purchases within the validity period, the minutes will be added and the higher validity will be given.

#. To check the remaining balance, customer need to dial *1000*2#.

#. The minutes purchased can be used for any GP numbers.

#. The Price is inclusive of SD, VAT and SC.

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